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Session 2 Calendar

                                                                  Wichita Hoops League Rules


  • Regulation High School Activities Association rules will be followed with the following exceptions:

2 halves 20 min running clock except for the last 1 Minute of the game, unless one team is ahead by 15+ points. In addition, the clock will stop on all technical fouls


4th Grade Division is Not Allowed to Full Court Press until last 2 min of the game unless the team is leading by more than 10 points.


5th – 8th grade divisions are allowed to Full Court press until a 10 point lead. First violation will be a warning, if it continues a technical foul may be assessed to the bench if the officials deem it intentional.


4th – 8th grade boys will use 28.5 ball. 8th grade boys will use 29.5 ball in the summer league only.  All girls divisions will use 28.5 ball.


5-minute warm-up and 2 min half-time.


We Will Start Games NO more than 10 min Ahead of Schedule.


2 full timeouts per game.


1&1 FT on 7th team foul of each half.  No double bonus.


Player is disqualified on 6th personal foul.   


Overtime is 1st to score.


Team Listed as Home Team wears Light Colored Jersey (unless agreed upon by both coaches.)


  • All games will be officiated by 2 officials.

  • Each team will provide an Adult to run score clock or score book unless provided by Wichita Hoops staff.

  • Inappropriate behavior will Not be tolerated. A game official or Wichita Hoops Management may remove Coaches, Parents or Players from the game/facility for inappropriate behavior.

  • Teams can have ONLY 2 coaches on the bench during the game.



If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me at the following

Wichita Hoops/Tim Simoneau


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